Folk Art outdoor akryylimaali – 1618 Burnt Umber

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Akryylimaali, pullossa 59ml. Sopii puulle, metallille, keramiikalle yms. Tämä akryylimaali on hyvä ulkoaskarteluihin, kuten kivimaalaus.


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Add a pop of color to your outdoor home decor with FolkArt Outdoor Acrylic Paint. This line of brilliant paint includes an array of bright, beautiful colors that are weather-resistant and UV stable – perfect for all your outdoor arts and crafts. This versatile acrylic paint can be used on wood, terra cotta, metal, ceramics, and more! FolkArt Outdoor is perfect for painting flower pots, birdhouses, mailboxes, patio décor, and so much more. Each color of this acrylic paint dries to a stunning gloss finish and is self-sealing meaning no primer, sealer, or varnishes are ever needed to protect your outdoor creations. Transform your outdoor space with FolkArt Outdoor Acrylic Paint!